Saturday, February 14, Love will be at the heart of all concerns. Aficionados or great “haters” of Valentine’s Day; you will not escape it. Celebrate it or boycott it, choose your side, but one thing is certain; you will do it with class! Whether you decide to spend the evening as a duo, with friends or alone, we guide you through lovingly selected inspirations.

How to dress for a date night?

You’ve been waiting for this day for probably months. Great romantic and purist of Valentine’s Day you intend to enjoy it as it should. In the program ? You take out the heavy artillery with roses, chocolates, small gifts and a candlelit dinner. Nothing is too good and you love the outpouring of feelings. This day will not be ordinary, no reason for your look to be. Put away everyday clothes. Jeans, sneakers will no longer have the right to quote for the next 24 hours. Instead we play the big game and opt for seduction. Transparency, black, sequins, feathers; evening clothes will be your allies.

How to dress for an evening with friends?

For you, Valentine’s Day is a bunch of clichés. A purely commercial kitsch party good for making merchants rich. Anyway your program is already done: Saturday night it’s PSG-Bayern with the friends! Is this a reason to neglect oneself and not to look pretty? Certainly not. For the occasion, we play it “zero efforts” in appearance and we put everything on the details and colors in small touches. Red, magenta, pink, purple as long as you’re comfortable. We celebrate love discreetly because admit it: basically, you officially hate Valentine’s Day, but in real life you find the dress code quite nice!

How to dress for a solo party?

Others have decided and prefer to see Valentine’s Day as a reminder date. The one where you have to celebrate Love with a capital “A”. The love of others but especially the one that we neglect a little too often: self-love. You have decided to put yourself at the center of this day and you are quite right. Treatments, cinema, exhibition, cocooning evening, anything, as long as you enjoy it. For your look of the day, it’s exactly the same thing! Want to hang out all day in a comfortable outfit? Everything is allowed: pink, mohair, jogging, sneakers… A single watchword: love yourself!

Valentine's Day 2023: 15 ideas for a hot look

Valentine’s Day 2023: 15 ideas for a hot look © Instagram

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