He worries his many fans around the world. In the documentary Val, revealed to the world on July 23, 2021, Val Kilmer can be seen with a weakened voice, equipped with a voicemail to allow him to communicate. Because the actor has been fighting throat cancer for several years. This Wednesday, August 4, with the American site Entertainment Tonight, Mercedes Kilmer, the daughter of the star of Top Gun, nevertheless wished to reassure those who are concerned about the health of her father. According to her, he “is doing very well.”

As for the documentary which is devoted to Val Kilmer, she says that he would have “probably seen it thousands of times.” His brother, Jack Kilmer, spoke of the personality of the principal concerned, still as lively despite his health problems. “He loves life so much and he loves to create things and he loves films, he loves everything”, thus developed the young man of 26 years. “He’s just one of the most interesting and attentive people I have ever met,” he added, describing him as “a creative person” and even “eccentric” with “a lot. energy and a great thirst for life. “

Why is Val Kilmer voiceless?

As a reminder, if Val Kilmer has become voiceless and can only express himself through his voice mailbox, it is because of a tracheotomy he has undergone in order to cure his cancer. During this procedure, a breathing tube is surgically inserted at the front of the neck to assist the patient in breathing. Interviewed on the Good Morning America show in 2020, he too wanted to be reassuring about his state of health. “I feel better than what you can hear. I feel wonderful,” he said. “I was diagnosed with throat cancer which healed very quickly. I had a tracheostomy to help me breathe because my glands in my throat also swelled.” Before specifying that he still missed his old voice.

Val Kilmer © GOFF INF

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