A real drama. On Wednesday January 4, 2023, a 12-year-old child fell from the 11th floor of his building. Supported by the emergency services, he is still in serious condition, with a vital prognosis. “He was operated on but his days are still in danger,” says a family member. His father-in-law was arrested by the police and charged. Indeed, he is suspected of a double homicide attempt. The very evening of the child’s fall, the individual returns home drunk. He then attacks his companion, the mother of the child. He would have “molested” her and threatened her with death. Armed with a knife, he would have threatened his companion.

The latter would then have gone up to neighbors to ask for help. “We hadn’t heard anything from their apartment then, but she was like, ‘Help me, help me, he hit my son and took my cell phone,'” said Keita, who lives on the twelfth floor. “She didn’t want to stay, she said he’s going to kill us and she came back down, continues Keita. I then heard her screaming a lot. My son was watching the arrival of the police through the window, he saw his boy to fall. It’s awful. She also went down again for fear that her two younger daughters would wake up or be hit too, insists another neighbor, Diara. The two little ones were the daughters of the violent man, but the boy , he’s older and born from a first union. Maybe that’s why he targeted him… In any case, that neighbor, he drinks a lot and he’s violent, he always looks askance at us.”

The man was charged

The little boy was then left alone with his stepfather. Pursued by the latter, the boy will take refuge in his room before falling from his window. Was he pushed? Did he jump to escape the blows? According to information from Le Parisien, the stepfather would have assured the police that the child had jumped “on his own”.

Val-de-Marne: a young boy has a terrible fall, the suspicions about his stepfather are chilling

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