A 44-year-old postman has been appearing since Tuesday May 23 before the Val-de-Marne Assize Court in Créteil. Several young women accuse the father of rape and attempted rape. According to Le Parisien, the man who sees himself as an “attentive seductive handsome kid, nice with a volcanic temperament” has, according to the prosecution, raped six women in his car, including minors. It is following a complaint dating from October 2018 that Seriman D. finds himself in court to date. Indeed, in 2018, a 25-year-old young woman filed a complaint against the accused for attempted rape.

Approached in Gennevilliers, the 25-year-old complainant gave her number to the postman. Contacted a few days later, the young woman then confesses to Seriman D. that she is in a relationship and then rejects the postman’s advances. But he insists and gets an opportunity to make himself useful. The young woman, far from home, accepts that the man comes to pick her up in order to bring her back. However, Seriman D. drives her to a secluded place and tries to force her to perform oral sex. She manages to free herself, get out of the car and ask the first passerby for help. The woman files a complaint the next day and Seriman D. is arrested. He acknowledges the facts but denies the attempted rape. But the police requisition her mobile phone and discover that the complainant is not the only female victim of the postman. Women aged 14 to 25 all report a very similar modus operandi. Most of the alleged victims are fragile young women in delicate situations.

An apathetic and egocentric postman

During the first day of instruction, the experts believe that Seriman D. is a man with a complex personality with “self-centered aspects, a certain emotional coldness, capacities for talkativeness, seduction…”. A special character that would have played in his way of coming into contact with young women. Indeed, the postman approaches the women in his BMW car, “otherwise they do not even calculate you” according to the statements of the accused. The other alleged victims confirm these facts. The 44-year-old man offers them a service or an outing and would demand, in order to rape them in his car, that only one leg be undressed. The postman denies all the charges against him, stating that the reports were made. The trial takes place until June 1 when the accused faces 20 years of criminal imprisonment.

Val-de-Marne: a postman in court after chilling accusations from several young women

A 44-year-old postal worker has been appearing since Tuesday May 23 before the Assize Court © Freepik

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