Vaccinated Christina Milian: Her Nightmare Nightmare Side Effects

Not everyone reacts the same way to Covid-19 vaccines. If all went well for Christina Milian when she received her first dose of the precious serum, the second caused many side effects that were not easy for the new mother to bear. The darling of Matt Pokora has indeed documented his entire vaccination process on Instagram this Monday, May 31. Enough to show that his condition deteriorated over the day: “I heard a lot of things. Some people say they were a little sick, others say that everything was fine .. . I hope to be part of the second category! ” she had confided just before receiving his injection. “Fast and painless. I feel good, it’s only been a few hours … I think I have to wait until tonight. We’ll see” she had rejoiced just after receiving the famous injection.

And it turns out that she was not mistaken, it was precisely in the evening that things got a little more complicated for Violet’s mother, Isaiah and Kenna. In the middle of the night, the singer and actress published in her story an archival video of Michael Jackson dressed as a zombie, certainly a way for her to indicate that she had spent a very bad night and that she had had a lot of hard to fall asleep. A visibly temporary slack since the next day it is all dapper and dynamic that Christina Milian was back on her social networks.

Christina Milian barely recovered from childbirth

At the beginning of May, Christina Milian was suffering from a side effect linked to her pregnancy. A few days after giving birth to her third child, the 39-year-old star had fluid retention, like many women who have just given birth. She had unveiled a photo of her postpartum body, on which her skin appeared to be “spongy”. By pressing on his calf, an impressive hollow formed and then took a long time to disappear. A situation which in any case did not fail to amuse the pretty brunette and her daughter Violet.

Christina Milian © Instagram

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