A new viral trend has appeared on TikTok. Many women use their vaginal discharge as perfume. The “vabbing” consists in coating oneself with this liquid behind the ears and on the neck. The practice was made popular by American TikToker Mandy Lee, whose original video has had 1.5 million views. According to followers, this technique would increase the chances of attracting men by diffusing pheromones. These chemicals are notably produced by the body to attract mates in some animals.

Doctors, on the other hand, are rather worried. They point out that little evidence exists on the results of this practice. At the same time, this trend carries risks of vaginal infections. Dr Dimitriadi, a gynecologist, shared his concern with the Daily Mail. According to him, bacteria on women’s fingers can cause pelvic inflammatory disease. Germs can then spread from the cervix to the upper organs. Thus, this practice could lead to fertility problems.

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Vabbing, a practice invented in 2019 to attract partners

Vabbing was invented in 2019 by sexuality expert and author Shan Boodram. The latter claimed that she had been using this method to attract men for over ten years. “Each time I use it, I feel like an enchanted goddess with a delicious secret. she wrote in her book The Game of Desire. On TikTok, content creator Mandy Lee revived the trend with a younger audience. “You don’t need to be clean when you get out of the shower, but relatively clean. Dab the liquid behind the ears, on the wrists and a little on the neck. “, she explained, mimicking the gestures to reproduce. Other Internet users are positioning themselves against the trend and alerting their community on TikTok to the potential dangers of the practice. Videos on this subject of “vabbing” are viewed daily by millions of people.

Vabbing this fashion of perfume with vaginal secretions worries doctors


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