King Charles III of England inherits the throne from his mother, Queen Elizabeth II.
Among the legacy of the King of England, we can also count some animals.
The swans cared for by King Charles III are dying en masse.

King Charles III of England, 74, is upset. The monarch would be “upset” by an event related to one of Queen Elizabeth II’s legacies. The British sovereign is known for his commitment to the protection of the environment and ecology. Long before his accession to the English throne in September, Charles III of England had already announced how he intended to change the monarchy. The magazine Here recalls that the eldest son of Queen Elizabeth II intends to make some changes to the crown. We then learn that the husband of the Queen Consort, Camilla Parker-Bowles, 75, has laid off several employees.

The British media had also spoken of King Charles III’s desire to reduce Crown spending. King Charles III of England has a green thumb, everyone knows that. And his magnificent “garden to inspire, excite, fascinate and soothe the spirits” of the Highgrove estate testifies to this. Also a fervent defender of the animal cause, the father of Prince William and Prince Harry banned foie gras from the tables of all royal residences. Note that for years, while he was still Prince of Wales, Charles III had already forbidden himself from eating foie gras.

Charles III: a real slaughter for the “swans of his mother”

On Wednesday November 23, 2022, The Mirror reports that the King of England is devastated by some sad news. The British media reveals that 22 of the 200 species of swans of Charles III, present on the 5 kilometer river surrounding Windsor Castle, have been found dead underwater. We learn that King Charles III has taken care of these “royal swans for 30 years”. Camilla Parker-Bowles’ husband also said he had never seen such a phenomenon before. “It’s the rate at which these swans are dying that is scary because they are literally dropping dead in the water everywhere and we are removing them every day,” said Wendy Hermon, head of the charity Swan Support.

"Upset": Charles III blames the blow after bad news

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