Philippe Conticini did not use the language of wood and agreed to confide, without filter, on his serious weight problems. Facing Jordan de Luxe, the pastry chef revealed to him that he always had problems with his weight. “It started very young. A doctor once told me that if you are born with big bones, you are going to need to eat more. And if, on top of that, you are born into an unbalanced family, it will become very complicated. The only point of reference that a child can find is food,” he said. Half-word, he therefore revealed that he had not had an easy childhood and that the relationships he could have with his family are in some way responsible for his weight gain.

If he accepts himself as he is, Philippe Conticini nevertheless assured that he was sometimes afraid, seeing the scales climb “up to 190 kilos”. But he managed to see the positive and is supported. “I am very happy, with my wife (Anne-Lise, editor’s note) our daughter, I am a fulfilled man!” In addition to his weight, the cooking enthusiast also had other health issues. Besides, he is on trial against a doctor.

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Philippe Conticini was close to death

“It was in 2010, I had surgery, the doctor completely failed me. He took me back 19 days later, I fell into a coma… I wanted to do a bypass (surgical operation consisting in reducing the volume of the stomach and to modify the food circuit, editor’s note). Which has never been done elsewhere”, said Philippe Conticini. Only, the repercussions on his health were numerous. “He (the doctor, editor’s note) sent me to Bichat (Parisian hospital center, editor’s note): sepsis, acute hypertonia, all superinfected organs, the heart which was no longer beating … They said to my wife: ‘your companion is going to leave, call your friends’. That’s what she did by the way.” Fortunately, he managed to get out of it.

"Up to 190 kilos": pastry chef Philippe Conticini opens up, without filter, on his serious weight problems

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