Madonna is 63 years old and still has no plans to settle down. Not even a tiny bit! Queen of pop but also queen of provocation since her beginnings in the 1980s, the interpreter of interplanetary hits such as Like a prayer, La isla bonita or Don’t tell me was the guest of Jimmy’s host Fallon in The Tonight Show. This was received as part of the promotion of the release of the live performance of his last Madame X tour.

On the set, the singer was dissipated and facetious during her interview. When the presenter asked the eternal Material Girl where she got her inspiration for directing her recent concert series, the artist quoted James Baldwin, a writer and activist: “A phrase I repeat many times in the show is ‘The artists are here to shake up the peace’ (…) I hope I have disturbed your peace this afternoon but also that of the viewers – but I say that in a good way. ”

Madonna exhibits her underwear on television

Jimmy Fallon replied to Madonna that she did indeed like to create “good problems” and, immediately, she lasciviously lay down on her host’s desk! The latter then begged the star to calm down and even took off his own jacket to place it on the main interested party, in order to prevent her short skirt from revealing a little too much of her anatomy on television. Amused, Madonna finally got up to the applause and laughter of the audience and casually declared: “No one will see anything, my God!” … while mischievously lifting her clothes to show her butt and her panties! We do not remake … A moment to discover below.

Madonna © Action Press

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