Unrecognizable Mel B: the shocking clip of the ex-Spice girl, with the dented and swollen face

Pianist Fabio d’Andrea has just released a clip, entitled Love should not hurt, to denounce domestic violence, in collaboration with the NGO Women’s Aid, which helps battered women. A clip in which Melanie Brown, the ex-Spice girl, plays. The dented and swollen face, the British singer plays a woman beaten by her husband. The arguments, the beatings, the makeup to hide the bruises but also the moments of complicity are transcribed in this video of nearly five minutes.

Domestic violence, a situation that Mel B knows well

A situation that the young woman knows perfectly since in 2017, the ex-Spice girl had decided to end her marriage with the producer Stephen Belafonte after being the victim of domestic violence on the part of the latter. Since then, Melanie Brown has been involved in the fight against violence against women. On Instagram, Mel B also explained that it was “the most powerful and raw video [that she has] ever made.” A painful experience that the artist had recounted in his autobiography, entitled Brutally honest, published in 2018. “You live in a nightmare, and facing the outside world, you say that everything is fine, because you are ashamed and are eaten away by guilt, and worried that no one will believe you, ”she told the Guardian.

“One in three women in the world, around 376 million, is subjected to physical or sexual violence from an intimate partner or to sexual violence from a non-partner,” he told the end of the clip.

Mel B, the ex-Spice girl, in a clip denouncing domestic violence © YouTube

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