Unrecognizable Khloé Kardashian: Kim’s sister still abuses filters

Between Khloé Kadashian and Instagram filters it’s a great love story. Regularly accused of abusing cosmetic surgery, Kim Kadashian’s little sister is also a big fan of Instagram filters which she no longer does without when it comes to talking to her fans in her stories. And recently, she used one again, rather “scary” as she laughed at, since it gave her strange eyes. Fortunately, it was still possible to recognize Khloé Kardashian who, when she abuses these touch-ups, can quickly become unrecognizable.

Tackled for her lack of naturalness, the starlet regularly receives criticism from her fans, who have fun asking her who the person is in her photos when you don’t recognize her. And some do not hesitate to criticize it when it appears thinner, and cry for cosmetic surgery. Detractors for whom Kim Kardashian’s sister has a ready answer. “Khloé doesn’t give a damn about the criticisms she has received, like what she would have changed, on her recent photos,” said a source, adding that “she is very well. And to tell the truth, she doesn’t care what people think, as long as she’s happy. “

Khloé Kardashian ‘feels like a better version of herself’

However for Khloé Kardashian, out of the question not to assume the small cosmetic touch-ups that she does when she sees fit, but she nevertheless sweeps away the rumors of massive cosmetic surgery. “Her transformation was done thanks to the gym”, reported a source who added that “she did not carry out a large operation, just small treatments like micro-injections, laser and anti-wrinkle treatment” . Which makes the mother of little True feel better about herself and “to be the best version of herself”.

Khloé Kardashian © Instagram

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