He’s the star of “Dirty Dancing.” Since the story of the film in 1987, Jennifer Gray has not lost the image of her character, “Baby”. Alongside Patrick Swayze, she participated in making the feature film cult until it inspired the second part released in 2004. But in addition to this production, the actress has filmed in front of the cameras of several directors. A year after “Dirty Dancing”, for example, we saw her in “Gandahar” by René Laloux. From 1989 to 2012, Jennifer Gray then chained filming for the big screen before heading to television series. In 2010, she notably made an appearance in “Dr House” and more recently, in 2019, in “Grey’s Anatomy”.

Jennifer Gray opens up in her memoirs

Discreet since then, Jennifer Gray has embarked on a new challenge: that of writing. Indeed, the actress took advantage of her time to write her memoirs. In May 2022, “Out of the Corner” was released (Editions Ballantine). In the latter, Jennifer Gray looks back on her childhood, her career, her loves but also on her cosmetic surgery operations. Moreover, because of his rhinoplasties, the star was denied many roles. Initially, it was his mother who told him about it. “She said to me: ‘You know what? It’s complicated to find you roles. Make it easier for them’ (…) When I was a child, I was completely against rhinoplasty. My parents did, but that was the ’50s,” she told People magazine. Become invisible to the eyes of the productions, Jennifer Gray had to fight to make her place. An intimate story that she delivers to the world.

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