Shut up or reveal an infidelity? Try to preserve your couple or burst the abscess? By confessing to her husband that she had had an affair with another man, a woman expected to suffer his wrath.

Especially since it was not the only confession she had to make to him. She had also caught an STI from the man she had cheated on him with and passed it on to him. But her husband’s reaction to her news left her incredibly confused.

Confessed fault

Anonymously, an unfaithful woman came to seek answers to her many questions from Abby, adviser to the New York Post. She noted, “I’m very depressed and upset.” His feelings arise after the wife cheated on her husband, “Hal”. An affair that she ended up confessing to him after realizing that she had caught an STI (sexually transmitted infection) from the man with whom she had betrayed him.

A strange reaction

“Hal was very upset and we didn’t speak for a day and a half,” she explained. However, she is surprised by one thing: “He did not shout or insult me”. Now feeling “guilty and confused”, she does not understand that her husband is “really nice, don’t insult me” and finds his behavior “strange”.

Find their privacy

However, since his confession, things are different between them. ” It’s my fault. It will take time and patience I guess,” she wrote. “I miss the intimacy and affection that Hal and I once shared,” she confessed. “Is it normal that I want him to yell at me and show his anger? she asked. “When I try to ask him to get tested for STIs, he shuts up and brings up the past,” she said. Desperate, she asked Abby how to get things back to “the way they were”.

A due explanation

In her response, Abby noted that it was essential that Hal speak to a doctor and schedule a test. “You have to be prepared to tell him about the ‘past’ and why you cheated on him,” Abby said. Noting that an explanation was necessary and due, according to her, the fact that he did not shout or swear at his wife did not mean that he was not hurt or furious. “You may need to see a family therapist to fix your marriage,” she suggested. “If you do this, although your relationship may never go back to what it was before, it might be better,” she concluded.

Unfaithful to her husband, she gives him an STI and is surprised by his reaction


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