These are terrible acts that were committed between 2014 and 2017. In the 9th arrondissement of Lyon, a naturopath who had run a herbalist shop for 20 years, was tried this Tuesday, December 7 in the criminal court for sexual assault committed with ” abuse of authority “, in connection with its practice of” therapeutic massages “.

According to the testimonies of the nine victims, the man engaged in acts of a sexual nature under cover of lymphatic drainage. During the hearing, the defendant, now 71 years old, denounced “lies”. He assured that “there was no ulterior motive in (s) a tête”.

For her part, the prosecutor stressed that “the number of victims and their denials are cause for concern.” Among these women, some described behavior identical to the police officers: hands on the breasts, close to the penis, scientific speech interspersed with compliments, attractive prices to encourage new meetings.

“We don’t dare to move, we are paralyzed”

The victims had come to seek help for problems with sleep or personal balance. The naturopath then offered them massages and isolated them in a room, before asking them to remove their clothes. “We do not dare to move, we are paralyzed”, explained a victim at the bar.

On the defense side, we put forward “very many testimonies” and “petitions” recognizing his qualities. The defendant’s lawyer also denounced “the media lynching of people suspected of sexual assault”.

The septuagenarian was finally sentenced to three in prison, including one year suspended and one probation. The court also ordered a ban on all activities related to personal care for five years.

Naturopath © pexels

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