Even before they were born, the twins share a unique bond. And that, Poppy and Winnie know something about it. In 2019, while still in her mother’s womb, little Poppy sent signals to doctors to save her twin sister’s life.

During her pregnancy, Leah McBride, 28, learned that her twins suffered from transfusion-transfusion syndrome, a complication with a high morbidity and mortality rate which leads to the underdevelopment of one of the fetuses. Doctors advised her to halt the development of the smaller Poppy to give Winnie a better chance, but the young Texan and her partner, 27-year-old Austin, refused. They had no idea that this decision would save Winnie’s life.

“She knew her sister wouldn’t survive if they didn’t get out”

At the 31st week of pregnancy, doctors found that Poppy’s heartbeat, much smaller than her sister, was abnormal. So they decided to induce the pregnancy. But at birth, Poppy was doing just fine. Winnie, on the other hand, had underdeveloped lungs, to the point that she probably wouldn’t have survived much longer in her mother’s womb. “Our doctors told us ‘We think your little twin saved her sister’s life’, confides the young mother in the columns of the Daily Mirror. Poppy’s heart rate was very high, so they had to induce the delivery but at birth she was fine. They think she was sending distress signals because she knew her sister wouldn’t survive if they didn’t come out at that time.”

After 52 days in intensive care, Winnie and Poppy returned home. They are now 3 years old and are doing like a charm. “Poppy is always much smaller. I love having a big one and a little one, says their mother. They are very close. It’s adorable. (…) I tried to separate their beds a few years ago. time, they didn’t agree at all. They’re amazing.”

Unbelievable ! She saves the life of her twin sister before they were born

Poppy sent signals from her mother’s womb. © Pexels

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