It is an atrocious story that comes to us from the United States. Monday, November 21, a 10-year-old child killed his mother following a fit of anger. The boy allegedly blamed his mom for waking him up too early and not buying him an item. The police intervened in the early morning following a call from the sister of the respondent. He would have explained to the police that he was playing with a gun when the shot went off, hitting his mother in the head. His sister was interrogated. She indicates that her brother has major problems managing his anger. Worse still, he told her that “five imaginary people were talking to her”.

Other relatives were interviewed. Their statements are astounding. “One family member told investigators that from the age of four he had fun grabbing his puppy by the tail and ‘twisting it around until it whimpered and howled in pain. ‘”. Given his age, the boy was entrusted to his aunt. But here again, his attitude is disturbing since it indicates that the child has never cried or even regretted his gesture. He would even have confessed to her that he “in fact pointed the gun at his mother” and that his act was voluntary.

Judged as an adult

The boy has also changed his version of the facts. He said he got his mother’s gun the day before and tried to scare her by shooting into the wall, upset that she didn’t buy him what he wanted. He faces up to 60 years of criminal imprisonment, although he is only a child. On December 7, he will have to appear before a judge.

Unable to manage his anger, a 10-year-old child with a psychopathic profile commits an atrocious act

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