He contracted the Covid 19 virus and has tested positive since December 2020. This 59-year-old man remained infected with the virus for more than a year although for some time he no longer showed the related symptoms. to this infection. In its article of November 3, 2022, The Mirror reports the statements of experts from Guy’s and Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust in London. Infected quite early, the 59-year-old Briton carried an early variant of the virus which he was only able to get rid of after exactly 411 days.

To explain this more or less rare phenomenon, Dr Luke Snell, of Guy’s & St Thomas’ reveals that the patient in question has a very weak immune system. The 59-year-old man with the “longest case of Covid” had a kidney transplant before catching the covid virus. Hospital experts believe this Briton is one of the longest-lived patients with persistent Covid infection. Sure enough, another patient tested positive for the virus for 505 days, but he did not survive the disease.

Antibody treatments would be less and less effective

The journal Clinical Infectious Diseases, cited by The Mirror, published research revealing that the man who survived the longest Covid infection continued to test positive intermittently until 2022. We also learn that he has been treated with a cocktail of neutralizing antibodies. These antibody-based treatments are known to be effective against early variants of the coronavirus. However, Dr Luke Snell is also keen to warn that “Some new variants of the virus are resistant to all antibody treatments available in the UK and Europe”.

Unable to get rid of the Covid, he remains positive for a mind-blowing period

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