Since the beginning of the war in Ukraine on February 24, the citizens manage as best they can to preserve their daily life, between the bombs and the mobilization at the front. You have seen it in the media, civilians stick together to get through this ordeal, and the story of the day shows it again. It’s happening at N-iX Game & VR Studio, a video game company located in Lviv, a western Ukrainian metropolis known for its universities and cultural centers.

Daniel Poludyonny, founder of the studio, ordered the transformation of the premises to accommodate refugees: “Anyone coming to Lviv can take refuge in our offices. They have been converted into shelters. equipped, a bathroom, etc. You can stay as long as you have nowhere to go.” An altruistic gesture first intended for the families of their employees, but not only. The company has chartered an armada of buses to evacuate eastern Ukraine, where the conflict is most violent.

Employees mobilized at the front

To keep the machine running, the studio continues to work at full speed. “Game development is an important part of the Ukrainian economy. […] This industry can keep our heads above water. Showing that we are safe and that we continue to work, that helps us help [financially].” However, the studio must deal with the local situation: their calls are sometimes interrupted by missile fire… Some employees have also been mobilized to the front.

Poludyonny had gone to Spain at the start of the war. Currently stuck in their secondary offices in Krakow, Poland, he manages to manage his studio despite everything. “[Our customers] are very supportive and understand our challenges.” A great example of solidarity from the video game industry! Hopefully they come out as unscathed as possible…

Substantial donations

To support Ukrainian refugees, other developers are also helping out (or in the wallet, it depends). Notably, the PlayStation titan donated $2 million to the NGO Save the Children and the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. Another gesture that we can salute!

Ukraine: a video game studio transformed into a shelter for refugees © Pixabay

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