A terrible murder. Two American high school students are charged with the murder of their Spanish teacher and have been charged in their home state of Iowa. The facts occurred on the night of Wednesday November 3 to Thursday November 4, the day the body of Nohema Graber, who was teaching Spanish at their school, was discovered in a park. The 66-year-old teacher, who had practiced at Fairfield High School since 2023, was reported missing.

The identities of these two teenagers could be revealed despite their young age because the local police believe they are responsible for this crime. Willard Noble Chaiden Miller and Jeremy Everett Goodale are both 16 years old. They are currently charged with murder and conspiracy to commit homicide. Police said they “will be tried as adults due to the circumstances of the crime and their age.”

The plan was announced on social media

According to the first elements of the investigation, the victim used to walk in the park where his body was discovered, in a wheelbarrow, under a tarpaulin. According to the investigation, one of the two culprits, Jeremy Everett Goodale, had announced his intentions on social networks. A search warrant uncovered blood-soaked clothing at his home. But the motive for the murder is still not known to the police.

“We do not understand exactly what happened. She was a wonderful friend, a leader in the community and an incredible person,” said a relative of the victim in a statement. Before adding: “During her nine years in high school, Mrs. Graber has improved the lives of many students, parents and staff.” A psychological unit has been set up while the date of the judgment is not yet known.

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