Two mums from England have urged loved ones to tell their family about organ donation. To support their words, they shared their tragic story. Indeed, both have lost a child. We tend to talk more about the donor than the families who are the decision makers. Behind every person who saves a life through organ donation is a family that has accepted it after the death of their loved one. In 2002, Rebecca Patel had to face this choice, at the darkest moment of her life. Her 14-month-old daughter, Zara, fell ill with an unknown infection.

The little girl was transferred to Great Ormond Street Hospital. She was treated in the intensive care unit and placed on a ventilator. “We suspect she is brain dead,” the doctors told the mom. The next day, a final brain scan confirmed the diagnosis. The medical team presented the option of organ donation to the parents. Rebecca and her husband quickly agreed. The child’s heart and a lobe of the liver saved the lives of two people. The young woman said that Zara’s donation helped her cope with the death of her daughter. She told the Mirror: “It made it so much easier. I am absolutely convinced of that. It’s an absolute comfort to know that a part of her lives on in other people. »

Talking about organ donation within the family to make your choices known

Lisa Wilson also suffered a tragic death. His son, Tom, died in a hockey accident at just 22 years old. “He didn’t see it coming. A young man hit the back of his head with his butt. This accidental blow caused internal bleeding. His heart also stopped, and although his teammates gave him CPR, they couldn’t save him. He was declared brain dead in hospital. It was Lisa’s husband who suggested organ donation. When Lisa and her husband brought up the subject, medical staff quickly discovered that Tom had signed up on the organ donor registry. “We found out that Tom had enrolled since he was in college when he was 18 years old. I was amazed. I was so proud of Tom at that time. “, she reported to our colleagues.

The two mothers now want to highlight the importance of approaching organ donation within the family. The latter always has the last word regarding the donation of the deceased person’s organs, regardless of their status on the register. They therefore insist on the importance of making their wishes known. “I don’t think most people think about it. My family did not. It’s not something you talk about before it touches a loved one,” Rebecca shared.

Two mothers raise awareness about the importance of organ donation after the death of their children


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