This is a terrible story that took place on June 2, 2022 near Liverpool. That evening, when England is confined, young parents who lived in a bungalow with the paternal grandparents of their baby decide to place the infant in a garden shed. The couple is going through a difficult time with many arguments, lack of sleep and intimacy as well as poor mental health.

The carrycot the baby is in is placed on “an inappropriate and unsecured cardboard box in the shed” and the two-month-old infant is left unattended by his parents. According to an article published Tuesday, December 13 in the Liverpool Echo, the bed quickly tipped over, causing the baby to move, his shoulder and face being “pressed against the side of the carrycot in an unnatural and unusual position”. Quickly, his breathing was compromised, leading to “his death by hypoxia and hypercapnia”.

Baby’s parents lied about cause of death

As the trial of the baby’s parents takes place in Liverpool District Court, Judge Steven Parker said the couple have denied that the infant was “ever put in the shed” and placed on an inappropriate surface. Worse still, they reportedly took their son back to their home and colluded to provide a false account of the circumstances to police, medical professionals and social workers.

They would thus have explained the death of their child by evoking sudden infant death syndrome. A testimony which was quickly undermined by the conclusions of the doctors, revealing a death by respiratory failure. If the investigation did not reveal signs of injury or neglect, the baby would have regularly been placed on the ground in an isolated room, far from his parents, in order to let him cry and calm down.

Two-month-old baby dies after parents let him spend the night in garden

Baby © Photo by Picsea on Unsplash

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