The two boys were spotted in Harlem playing together on May 12. The following Thursday, the body of one of them, that of Garrett Warren, 13, was found in the Harlem River, according to CNN and WPIX, quoted by PEOPLE. Two days later, the body of the younger of the two boys, 11-year-old Alfa Barrie, was recovered from the Hudson River near the Upper West Side. The two children were last seen around 6 p.m. on May 12 at the corner of 145th Street and Lenox Avenue in Harlem, former New York City Police Deputy John Miller said.

The disturbing circumstances of the disappearance of the two boys were related by a teenager to the authorities, as reported by CNN. According to police sources, the two boys were playing when one of them started pushing the other in the direction of the water. The witness, a teenager, told the police that he had not seen them come out of the water. The second boy slipped and fell into the water, never to come out again. The bodies of the two missing boys were found two days apart in two different locations.

A game gone wrong killed them

Authorities speak of a terrifying tragedy when it comes to the deaths of these two boys. “It seems to be more of a deep tragedy and probably a game gone wrong,” John Miller said at a press conference last Tuesday. Separately, the medical examiner’s office has determined that Garrett Warren, the 13-year-old boy, died of accidental drowning, CNN reports. Alfa Barrie’s autopsy results are still pending.

Two missing children found dead in different places but with a disturbing similarity

Two missing children found dead in different locations but with a disturbing similarity © Unsplash

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