A disgusting and totally gratuitous act. In Blackpool, two men set a 12-year-old boy on fire after asking him if he wanted to see a ‘magic trick’. The victim was in a park with a friend when she was accosted by two older men. The latter then asked him if he wanted to attend a magic trick, before taking out a lighter and setting fire to the child’s shirt, reports the Daily Star.

The young boy was quickly rushed to hospital after a passerby stopped to help him. According to the British media, he would suffer from considerable burns at the level of the torso. ‘This is a horrific assault on a young boy who has suffered very extensive burns which will require continued hospital treatment,’ said Kirsty Wyatt, of Blackpool Criminal Police

Suspects still at large

For their part, the two suspects behind this terrible attack are still wanted. One of them is described as being tall and wearing a black hoodie, black mask, black pants with leg pockets, and black leather gloves. The second would be smaller, but would also wear a black hoodie with the hood up, black joggers, and fingerless gloves. “We will be conducting additional patrols in the area over the next few days and I urge anyone with information or concerns to speak to an officer,” Kirsty Wyatt added.

Two men ask a 12-year-old boy if he wants to "see a magic trick", the result is despicable

Attacker © Pexels

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