On Wednesday December 21, 2022, a 38-year-old man was sentenced by the Nantes Criminal Court for “invasion of privacy” and “endangering the lives of others”. The reason ? The man, a foot fetishist, was fascinated by “the movements of a woman’s foot on an accelerator pedal”. Thus, he simulated car breakdowns to ask strangers he met in the street to take the wheel for him. He then claimed to want to repair “a screw that does not fit under the steering wheel”. He would then ask them to take off their socks and shoes to make them “feel better”.

He then filmed the women who had gotten into his car: “2,235 photos of female feet were found at his home. ‘Non-use’ condoms, high-heeled shoes and nail polish were also discovered in his car”, says Le Parisien. It was in December 2020 that the gendarmes became aware of a very strange fact: one of the gendarmes explained that his 14-year-old niece had been approached by a driver. If she does not accept, the report is launched. “On December 7, 2020, in La Montagne (Loire-Atlantique), Djoy N. had done the same thing to a 26-year-old young woman: after asking her to ‘pound’ on a 2×2 lane, he asked this young 26-year-old woman to take the Nantes ring road. While she was driving, he had “voluntarily pressed” on her foot to “force her to accelerate” up to 130 km / h.”

Already known to the police

He had then started the reverse gear putting his life in danger. “‘When you raise the heel, the shape of the foot is more accentuated’, he had told them in police custody to explain why he ‘maintained’ the foot of his drivers on the accelerator pedal”. The man is not unknown to the police. “Already convicted four times between 2004 and 2011 for ‘property damage’ and ‘traffic offences’, he received a six-month probationary sentence in his absence. For two years, he will have to comply with an obligation psychological or psychiatric care and will have to pay 300 euros in damages to the mother of the teenager if he does not want to see this sentence transformed into prison.

Twisted! The unbelievable trap of a foot fetishist to bait women

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