Twins marry twins and get pregnant at the same time

It’s no secret that the twins share everything. Brittany and Briana Deane are proof of that. In 2017, while attending a festival dedicated to twinning, the young women met twin brothers named Josh and Jeremy Salyers. Engaged after six months of romance, the two couples united at the same time on the occasion of a double wedding celebrated in the summer of 2018. This time, the four lovebirds are preparing to live another crucial stage together. According to the information of the British tabloid The Daily Star, this Saturday, August 15, the twins fell pregnant at the same time.

News announced on their Instagram account, which the twin couples, of course, share. “We are delighted and grateful to experience overlapping pregnancies and to share this news with you!” Read the caption of a photo in which Brittany, Briana, Jeremy and Josh Salyers pose in a striking setting. reference to the series Alerte à Malibu. “Our children will not only be cousins ​​but full brothers and sisters and multiple quaternaries! We can’t wait to meet them and for them to meet.” Pregnancies that the four lovers have planned, once again, together since May 2020, wishing to expand their family.

A long-standing project

Because, always according to our colleagues from across the Channel, Brittany and Briana dreamed of becoming mothers at the same time. “We’ve been through most of the milestones of our lives together,” they said in an interview with Australia Today in 2019, “birthdays, getting our driver’s licenses, degrees, and our dual marriage. . ” The 33-year-old mothers-to-be described their pregnancies as “the next big event” to be lived in pairs, or rather four. “We would love to experience it together and ideally we will.” Something promised, something due.

A special family © Capture Instagram

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