Prince Andrew not so banned from the royal family? In August 2021, a complaint was filed against the Duke of York by Virginia Giuffre who accused him of sexual assault. After months of media coverage, this file was finally closed with an agreement between the two parties, and a large sum of money promised to the complainant. Fallen into disgrace, deprived of his military titles and patronages, Prince Andrew was then summoned by Elizabeth II and the rest of the royal family to be forgotten. However, he did not fail to attend, with the Windsors, the mass in Westminster Abbey organized in tribute to Prince Philip, Tuesday, March 29.

If his presence was accepted “reluctantly” by some members of the royal family, some relied on his “common sense” not to seek to put himself forward after the scandal he recently suffered. However, it was without counting on Prince Andrew himself who, after having long proclaimed his innocence, decided to put himself “in the foreground” during the ceremony, and this, by playing the devoted sons with his mother Elizabeth II. An attitude that did not please Princes Charles and William at all, “dismayed” that the Duke of York, father of Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie, put himself forward when entering the abbey alongside his mother, reports the Daily Mail.

How Elizabeth II ‘endorses’ Prince Andrew

For other specialists, the queen has in this way “approved” her son by accepting his presence at his side. “It was his way of showing quietly, ‘OK, he really fucked up, it was a shame, but he’s my son'”, thus specified Jennie Bond. “It’s one thing to agree to him attending his father’s memorial service, it’s quite another to then give him a fairly prominent role, so it was an active choice,” she said. . Arrived by car with the queen, while he lives on the Windsor estate, it is in the first row that prince Andrew settled, alongside his younger brother, Edward. Prince William and Kate Middleton, who were accompanied by their children George and Charles, were seated behind the Queen and Prince Charles.

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