As the Nice attack trial begins, our colleagues from Le Parisien met a family hit hard by the killing. Indeed, on July 14, 2016, Mickaël and Samira Coviaux are on the Promenade des Anglais, with their son, 4 and a half years old, who will be mowed down by the truck of Mohamed Lahouaiej-Bouhlel, who had killed 86 people and injured more than 500 people. during the Nice attack. If the parents had three children after the death of their eldest, they will never recover from this nightmare.

Indeed, the parents of little Yanis are still struggling with the loss of their eldest child: “I felt Yanis next to me, who was talking to me, who was holding my hand. I thought I was going crazy… I could never be left alone, even to shower,” says the mother. The couple wanted to keep memories of their child, whose life was taken during the Nice attack: “But in the cellar, boxes contain his favorite toys, and even the clothes that Mickaël wore this evening- there, stained with the blood of their little boy. ‘He absolutely wanted to keep them…’, confides Samira, worried for her companion, whose distress, she assures, is growing as the trial approaches.

“Obviously, you think about it. You tell yourself that he would have loved to be there…”

The sadness returns all the more when Christmas approaches: “‘Obviously, you think about it. You tell yourself that he would have loved to be there… ‘, loose Mickaël, gaze suddenly veiled by emotion and this secret bite, those first times that Yanis will never know. ‘Me too, I leafed through the Christmas catalogs, wondering what he would have chosen, looked at the extracurricular activities for children aged 6, 7… And then I ‘I stopped, it hurts too much’, confesses Samira”, can we read in the article of our colleagues. A moving testimony for his parents who will live their whole life with the loss of their eldest son.

Trial of the Nice attack: this unbearable memory kept in their cellar by the parents of Yanis, who died at 4 years old

Nice attacks © LIONEL URMAN

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