They are called the broken mouths, in reference to the soldiers disfigured during the First World War. However, these people were not in the trenches, but in the Bataclan concert hall on the evening of November 13, 2015. They were hit by the terrorists’ Kalashnikov bullets. Six years after that dramatic night, these victims came to testify at the bar, this Thursday, October 7, about what they experienced and the painful reconstruction that followed. Moving and dignified testimonies that command admiration and respect.

Gaëlle still bears the scars of the bullets that hit her on her body. The young woman had come accompanied by her lover, Mathieu, who lost her life that night. Gaëlle quickly understood that she was seriously injured “by wanting to remove something from her face. The left part was completely detached, my right hand was pushing directly inside my mouth to remove the teeth, because I was swallowing them. and it made me cough, ”she explains at the helm, as reported by Franceinfo. This mother is also affected in the arm. It is the negotiator of the BIS who helps him out of the concert hall. She is then taken to the Pitié-Salpêtrière hospital, where she will be operated. The first operation in a long series … When he wakes up, the surgeon explains to him: “You are a broken face”, she remembers. And to add: “I became a baby again. My parents gave birth to me a second time, I had to relearn everything, they fed me, taught me to walk again.”

Gaëlle, victim of Bataclan: “I have simple dreams like (…) kissing without having the fear of frightening …”

In six years, Gaëlle has undergone 40 operations, the last of which took place last summer. They all have the same objective: to repair his “shattered face” as well as his arm. The next will be to remove a bone from his skull to consolidate his mandible. “It’s endless,” she says between two tears, as Le Point points out. “Today, I have simple dreams: to bite into a hamburger, to drink a coffee without it dripping next to it or to kiss without having the fear of frightening,” she says. Just like Gaëlle, Pierre-Sylvain and his partner, Hélène, were also present that night. Both were hit by a headshot. Pierre-Sylvain also testified at the trial. “What I saw that night were criminals who took pleasure in killing,” he said.

Trial of November 13: the poignant and chilling testimonies of the “broken faces” © Giancarlo Gorassini

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