This is the trial everyone is talking about right now. For several weeks now, the Fairfax court, near Washington, has been the scene of invectives between Johnny Depp and his ex-wife Amber Heard. The actor then attacked her following her testimony in the Washington Post, in which she spoke of her past as a battered woman. But now this Wednesday, April 27, a rather atypical witness spoke during the trial. Alejandro Romero is Johnny Depp’s former doorman. If most witnesses go to court when they want to testify, the man intervened thanks to a pre-recorded video in which he answers questions.

It is in his car that the actor’s former doorman left himself to a few confidences. Vaping his electronic cigarette, he even begins to start his car and drive, of course without a seat belt. A completely crazy sequence that made Johnny Depp laugh. Even the judge could not contain her smiles in view of this rather crazy testimony. Nevertheless, Alejandro Romero still gave his testimony, which is also quite atypical. He notably said that either Amber Heard and Rocky Pennington went to see him, after noticing scratches on the door, which could have indicated the presence of someone in the apartment.

A rather surprising anecdote

Johnny Depp’s doorman confides: “I said to myself: ‘Do you really think that someone tried to come home by scratching 10 centimeters off the ground?'”. A reflection which then made the actor die of laughter, just like the assistance. It is true that this rather lunar testimony was a first for the judge. Alejandro Romero will at least have brought good humor and a touch of humor to this violent trial.

⚠️THE DOORMAN had to testify, he kept getting asked about Amber Heards’s makeup. He had work so he drove off vaping & not wearing a seatbelt. Even the judge wanted to laugh #JohnnyDepp #JohnnyDepptrial #JohnnyDeppVsAmberHeard

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