Trespassing at Taylor Swift’s house in New York: man arrested by police

This Saturday, April 17, 2021, Hanks Johnson, a 52-year-old man, was arrested by police following a criminal complaint obtained by E! News. The man is charged with trespassing after a security guard discovered him in the lobby of star Taylor Swift’s residence around 9 p.m. on Franklin Street. Indeed, the man was found well beyond the locked doors. He reportedly claimed, “I’m here to see Swift, she knows I’m coming here, we’re friends,” after the officer asked her why she was there.

The singer’s security chief James McNelis said the man had not been invited. He was not allowed to be there. Also according to McNelis, the individual has been seen at least 5 times in the apartment complex in Manhattan in the past 6 months. He would have, moreover, already ringed the doorbell and even tried to enter the building.

“The target of many stalkers”

Singer Taylor Swift has been the target of stalkers often throughout her career. Moreover, facial recognition cameras have already been used to recognize and apprehend them during one of his tours. Let us also recall the attempted burglary of Swift’s house in New York in 2019 by Roger Alvarado, 22, who was then sentenced to 6 months in prison.

In the case of Hanks Johnson, Judge Jay Weiner has ordered supervised release. A next court date for June 1, 2021 has also been scheduled, according to the prosecutor at E! News.

Taylor Swift © Agency

Taylor Swift © Agency
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