On a daily basis, we can change certain habits to make them more ecological. In the bathroom alone, solutions exist to use less plastic. This is what the 900.care brand offers, which offers many rechargeable hygiene products that can help you do something for the planet, while taking care of yourself. And without sacrificing effectiveness: 900.care solid toothpaste has also been rated 16.5/20 by 60M consumers. By using the products of this brand, a family of 4 can:

Avoid 6.5 kilos of plastic over a year
Emit 6 times less CO2, saving 110 kilos of CO2 (the equivalent of a Paris-Barcelona trip by car).
Save 35 liters of water.

Want to test? Discover our favorite products.

Gentle shampoo for all hair types

The essential product in all bathrooms: shampoo! Often known in solid form, 900.care now offers an ecological solution for this essential product…without changing your habits. It comes in the form of small sticks to dissolve with water in a reusable bottle. Suitable for all hair types, its oat milk formula brings softness to the scalp for the whole family.

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Shower gel in dissolving sticks

Same observation for shower gel, regularly sold in plastic bottles which, even recyclable, end up in the trash. To avoid unnecessary waste, opt for the shower gel in dissolving sticks in an infinitely reusable bottle. Its strengths in addition to its green side? Delicious flavors and a natural formula enriched with ORGANIC vegetable oil. Nothing like it for ultra soft skin!

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Chewable toothpaste

It is a toothpaste rated 16.5/20 by 60M consumer magazine. And there’s plenty to love about it. Unlike ultra-polluting tube toothpaste, 900.care solid toothpaste comes in the form of chewable tablets, to be lathered when brushing your teeth. All, of course, rechargeable. Say goodbye to the ends of tubes with this resolutely more responsible variation!

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Refillable deodorant stick

Aggressive for the skin and far from being ecological, the deodorant sold in supermarkets is not always all rosy. This is why it is rather advisable today to turn to more ecological versions, and above all able to really protect your skin. We are thinking here of the 900.care deodorant. As a refillable stick, its natural formula is enriched with Calendula flower extract. Nothing beats resisting sweat odors throughout the day.

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Still can’t decide which product is right for you? Rest assured: at 900.care, it is possible to offer you (or offer) an essential kit that contains shampoo, shower gel and toothpaste. Kit total? €8.40 only.

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