Ezra Blount, a 9-year-old boy, died yesterday November 15 from brain, liver and kidney trauma, according to Independent magazine. According to Ben Crump, the lawyer hired by the family: “Ezra’s father, who was carrying the boy on his shoulders during the concert, is said to have passed out from lack of air, causing the boy to fall to the floor. , where he was trampled “. The Blount family join the many families of victims who have filed a lawsuit against Live Nation Entertainment and rapper Travis Scott.

It’s worth remembering that Live Nation Entertainment, the concert promoter that hosted the Astroworld festival, was aware of the outbursts that took place on November 5 during the show. The organizers have chosen to let the show continue. For his part, rapper Travis Scott “incited and encouraged these dangerous activities during his show”. The massive stampede that took place during the show left hundreds injured and 10 dead, with the recent death of Ezra Blount.

Angry protesters storm the storefront of Travis Scott’s home

“You have destroyed lives. You deserve bankruptcy,” read one of the protesters’ signs. The hatred of the protesters is so palpable that Mr. Scott has feared for his own safety. According to Independent magazine, “Mr. Scott hired a security team and met with his legal advisor in the days following the Astroworld disaster.” The artist said on his Twitter account that he is “absolutely devastated for what happened”. He also pledged to come to the aid of the families of the victims for the funeral expenses of their loved ones.

Feast this Friday @AppleMusic pic.twitter.com/Jym95t3rla

– TRAVIS SCOTT (@trvisXX) November 3, 2021
Travis Scott © Agency

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