The American rapper is known for his incentives during his concerts. This Friday, November 5, Travis Scott was on stage when a crowd movement took place. This large outbreak killed 8 people and injured many more. Manuel Souza is one of those spectators who attended Astroworld, also one of the injured. With his lawyer, Steve Kherkher, Manuel Souza is suing Travis Scott and the organizers Live Nation and ScoreMore for negligence. According to them, this unfortunate event is a “predictable and preventable tragedy”.

According to what 45 seconds reports, “spectators violated a security fence around the park, rushed into the premises and trampled each other.” Despite these alarming signs, the organizers decided to let the concert continue, according to Manuel Souza. Manuel Souza’s lawyer adds that “Eventually, due to the defendants’ active decision to let the show continue, the scene turned into a full melee, resulting in the unnecessary and untimely deaths of at least 8 people and dozens of injured “.

Injured spectator claims $ 1million from Travis Scott and organizers

Travis Scott reportedly continued his show as an ambulance tried to sneak through the crowd to provide first aid to the injured. Moreover, Manuel Souza’s lawyer confirms that the organizers “consciously ignored the extreme risks of harm to spectators and, in some cases, actively encouraged and instigated dangerous behavior”. Manuel de Souza and his lawyer are claiming $ 1 million in damages. For his part, Travis Scott says he is “absolutely devastated”, according to the Huff Post. The rapper said he was working with the families of those who died to see a way to help them.

Travis Scott © Instagram

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