The facts took place last November 16, in Compiègne, in the Oise. In a building, a woman accuses her next door neighbor, Samba, of having sexually assaulted him, reports Le Parisien. Around 1:30 p.m., the young woman took her shower before going to work. She had not locked her front door as the residence is usually quiet. However, she noticed that for a few days, her neighbor opposite had been behaving quite strange, and did not hesitate to give him insistent glances, which made her uncomfortable.

While she is washing herself, Samba enters the bathroom. He looks at her, without her seeing him, before reaching her and making the first touches. The young woman therefore begins to scream, manages to take her towel, tries to struggle, but the man continues his actions. The victim screams even more, and finally manages to scare him away. At the material time, the young woman’s companion was not at home, and she decided to go to work anyway. Once back, at the end of the day, she meets her attacker again in front of her door, who continues to stare at her. She then decides to call the police and confided that she was now traumatized.

Behavior also deviant with the police officers

Very quickly arrested, Samba, 35, was taken into police custody. But again, he indulged in deviant behavior with the women in the police station. The Parisian relates that he makes “exhaustive remarks” as soon as he meets a policewoman and gives them inappropriate looks. In addition, he will stroke the thighs of three police officers. “He was brought to the signaling room and touched the thigh of the technician who was taking his fingerprints”, explained Xavier Lacasa, who chaired the hearing on Monday, November 22 at the court of Compiègne.

The assailant was remanded in custody pending trial. He will not be tried until December 20, the judge wishing to obtain further information. The testimonies of the policewomen, as well as those of the neighborhood and of the spouse of the assaulted woman, would indeed be missing. Currently, it is word against word. “As it is, I ask for his release. Me, I did his removal and he did not touch my thigh, nor that of the prosecutor. We are not going to condemn him because he has the eye. bizarre, empty and hollow, ”commented the lawyer for the accused man.

Bathroom © pexels

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