The Tuckfield family must have had the scare of their lives on April 16, 2022. On the occasion of the Easter weekend, the family almost served as dinner for a 4 meter long great white shark. The family opted for a short sea trip to enjoy a beautiful sunny day. Although everything pointed to a great day out with the family, things nearly took a turn for the worse for David, his wife Tanya and their son Shelby. What happened to the family appears to be the larger-than-life remake of Spielberg’s “Jaws” according to Demotivator.

The 4m tall shark prowled around the Tuckfield family’s boat for an hour. The eerie shark fin peeked out moments after David and his family deployed their fishing rod. After an hour of suspense, the shark had finally decided to attack violently. The shark was particularly stubborn and relentless. Nevertheless, the whole family escaped unscathed. Nobody got the slightest scratch, despite the horror scene worthy of “Jaws” that presaged.

The agonizing shark attack was filmed by the family

David, the patriarch of the Tuckfield family seems to be relatively calm about this attack he experienced with his family off Perth in southern Australia. David Tuckfield calls the shark “a majestic animal”, despite everything. “You don’t like them until you see one up close, and that’s their playground,” he remarked. However, in the video that the family shot during the attack on the shark, we see the latter violently attacking the boat. Which had the effect of provoking screams from Tanya.

A stubborn and relentless great white shark © Trojanpost

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