The mother of Harry, an 8-year-old boy, and Mia, 6, had seen his GP for persistent heartburn. Amie Walton, the mother of two children who are now orphans of both father and mother, was 30 years old when she succumbed to her stage 4 cancer. Amie Walton died on August 18, 2022 following liver cancer and the intestine. In May this year, while receiving treatment for her cancer, she was told she had 50 tumors in each lung after her liver and bowel cancer had spread.

Chris Mills, 42, Amie’s husband has always been supportive. Bal Singh, a shopkeeper from the area where the couple and their two children are from, in north Birmingham, said: “Her dedicated and loving partner, Chris, spent a lot of time with Amie to comfort her in every way he could. “. It was at Amie’s bedside at Good Hope Hospital in Birmingham that Chris succumbed to a ruptured stomach ulcer.

They die exactly a month apart

Chris Mills, husband of Amie Walton and father of Harry and Mia was spending the night with his wife when he died suddenly. Chris Mills died exactly one month before Amie, on July 18, 2022. According to the Daily Mail, exactly four weeks after her partner’s death, Amie died on August 18 while visiting her father in Devon. The couple’s children who died tragically a few days apart are now cared for by their grandmother Tracey, Amie’s mother.

Tragic: two young children suddenly lose their parents a few days apart

Amie Walton, Chris Mills and their children © Facebook

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