A party night that turned into a nightmare. In the state of Minnesota, United States, a five-year-old child was accidentally shot and killed last week on Thanksgiving Day. The shooter is a teenager who was filming a video for his social networks, and “who accidentally pulled the trigger”, according to information from the American media USA Today. The police, alerted around 10 p.m., tried to provide first aid to the child, in vain: the latter did not survive his injuries, he died on the spot.

According to the first elements of the investigation, four and we had the idea to shoot a video with it in their garage, the scene of the tragedy. While adults were present at the home during the tragedy, the investigation still has not determined whether they were properly supervising the toddlers. The suspect is a 13 year old teenager.

1,826 unintentional shots fired in the United States this year

The local police chief, Mr Mark Bruley, did not fail to make statements: “This is a very unfortunate accident which requires a very detailed investigation, which is underway at the moment. As adults , it is our duty to ensure that children do not have access to weapons “. The 13-year-old shooter was placed under examination for manslaughter in a very tense climate in the United States: According to the GunViolenceArchive site, 276 children aged 0 to 11 were killed this year by firearms and 694 were injured . The site also lists 1,826 unintentional shots.

A five-year-old child shot dead © Pexels

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