This tragic event that dates back to January 19, 2020 left three-year-old Zac Harvey to perish. While he, his 4-year-old brother Harley and his 28-year-old father Shaun spent the night in the latter’s trailer, the flames engulfed them. According to Mirror, “Shaun had stayed in the trailer after separating from his wife Erin – and the boys were staying with him for the night.” To heat the trailer, Shaun used an electric heater plugged into an outlet in a nearby house.

According to his statements to the police, Shaun believed he had turned off the heating before falling asleep. For their part, the firefighters investigators said that the non-extinguished radiator is probably the cause of the fire. The fire was declared on the morning premieres, neighbors described the caravan as a “tinder box” and “blaze”. According to what he told the Aberystwyth court hearing, “Shaun woke up to find the trailer engulfed in flames – and that he only had time to get out of it. his sons”.

He could only put one of his sons out of the flames

The mother of the two boys says Shaun woke up to find everything around him was on fire. By reflex, he grabs the arms of his sons to take them out of the trailer and put them to safety, but he was wrong. According to Erin, the mother of the two boys, “Shaun was out of the trailer, and he was holding Harley’s arm and leg.” He thought he was holding both Harley and Zac. flames with 40% of his body burned, but he survived against all odds.

Tragic misunderstanding © Mirror

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