Even the most harmless games can turn deadly. On June 14, a young boy died while playing hide and seek at his grandparents’ home in Georgia. Indeed, the unfortunate found himself stuck between the dryer and the washing machine. This child, aged 8 to 10, was playing hide and seek with his cousins ​​and other members of his family. “The little boy, from Jewett, Texas, is believed to have been trying to hide behind appliances when he got caught between them,” said Capt. Tim Watkins of the Thomas County Sheriff’s Office.

It was after looking for him for several minutes that the family made this tragic discovery. After which, they directly performed CPR, reports WCTV. Rescuers quickly arrived and continued to perform CPR, the sheriff’s office adds. The young boy briefly reacted to CPR before losing consciousness again. He was then transported to a local area where he was officially declared dead.

He died of positional asphyxia.

Captain Tim Watkins said the cause of the boy’s death could be positional asphyxiation. He added that there was no trauma to the boy’s body. The sheriff’s office also highlighted the fact that no charges have been brought against the family. Faced with this tragedy, the inhabitants of the region expressed their feelings. Moreover, they did not hesitate to share their condolences on social networks.

“What a tragedy! I pray that the family can find some kind of peace in these very unfortunate circumstances,” one can read on Facebook. “It breaks my heart, he probably had anxiety which made it harder for him to breathe,” another resident wrote. “Poor family, that must have been devastating since he was only here to visit his grandparents,” another added.

Tragic hide and seek © Pixabay


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