Tragic death of a 26-year-old journalist in a motorcycle accident

Sunday, November 15, 2020, the young journalist Jenny Lenzini died of a motorcycle accident the day before, at the age of 26. According to information from the Sun North Port, the pretty blonde was a passenger in the vehicle driven by her companion, Cody Bunch. While the latter lost control and hit a tree, he died instantly as the young woman was transported to Sarasota hospital in critical condition, before succumbing to her injuries. In a statement, local NBC-affiliated channel WBBh-TV announced, “Her smile and passion for storytelling had made her an outstanding reporter in the Southwest Florida market. She was always diligent in his work.” Channel editor Keith Bliven lamented, “It’s like a punch in the stomach. She had a bright future ahead of her.” Fox 3 News reporter Rachel Loyd shared: “It’s such a shame. I pay tribute to Jenny Lenzini and her family in my prayers.”

Following the death of Jenny Lenzini, his best friend, Mason Mauro shared a heartbreaking message on Facebook. He said, “There are no words. I can’t do anything. There is only grief. I woke up yesterday and instinctively felt the need to text Jen. “To let her know that I love her and miss her. Last night Jenny’s mom called and told me she had an accident. She probably wasn’t going to survive it.” Soon after I found out that my best friend and the person I love most were gone. Jenny is the purest soul. She had a storybook beauty, endless compassion for others and her love of life, family and friends was second to none. She really had no flaws. There is no one else like her. ”

“She will always live in my heart”

With an open heart, the young man then made a point of recalling how much his friend was a good person: “She was loved by so many people and she left a deep impact on every person she passed. She has me. learned to always look for the best in people. She taught me to be the best in myself. She taught me to truly love another. I wrote Jen several short notes over the years. Reminding her how much I love her, wishing her a nice day. She would collect them and put them on the fridge when we lived together in Sioux City. The last note I wrote her was when I visited her in Ft. Myers in September , before I left for the airport. She was going through a difficult time … I reminded her how strong she was. All the obstacles she had overcome to get to where she was in life. ‘she used to build me up over the years. All the times she was there for me. She is always there with me. She will always live in my heart. She will continue to be there for all of us. So I’ll give you my last note, bub. And I will sign it the same way. Until I see you again. I love you forever.”

Jenny Lenzini © Facebook

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