An attack as dramatic as it is rare. This Tuesday, January 17, a polar bear was seen in a village in Alaska, United States. The soldiers were then alerted and went to the spot to control the beast that was threatening the inhabitants. As reported by the local television channel KTUU, the bear rushed on the inhabitants before fatally attacking a woman and a child.

The animal was finally killed by a villager who shot him. As for the victims, they had not yet been identified and the authorities announced the tragic news to their relatives.

Very rare attacks

According to information from the local Anchorage Daily News, the presence of this animal in the region is “a normal and regular phenomenon”. In contrast, fatal polar bear attacks are “extremely rare in Alaska.”

According to the director of an organization made up of 15 Alaskan tribes that have traditionally hunted polar bears, the Alaska Nannut Co-Management Council, this phenomenon is a consequence of the melting ice. Indeed, since the seas and the ocean remain open later in the year, the bears stay longer on land and are therefore likely to come across inhabitants more regularly.

Tragic chase: a woman and a child fatally attacked by a polar bear

Polar Bear © Pixabay

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