If you are already familiar with ghosting, love bombing is also one of these perverse love practices. These toxic practices destroy many people, especially on social networks and dating sites. Love bombing has the unfortunate consequence of making its victim particularly addicted to the person who initiates it. Love bombing is however easily detectable, and above all, you can avoid it if you know the warning signs while knowing that you should not generalize either. So what is love bombing?

Love bombing is a form of manipulation. This is the perverse trick of giving someone false hope. From the first days of the relationship, the author of love bombing bombards his victim with tenderness, good intentions and promise. The appointments take place in the best conditions, the outpourings of feelings and declarations of love fuse very quickly and very early. While you have to take the time to get to know each other better, because of the displays of affection, you are confused and fall into the trap with dreams in your head.

Love bombing: worse than all cold showers

When a person is convinced that he has found a soul mate, he is ready to believe in any promise. She is ready to believe in a common future. She projects herself very quickly. But therein lies the whole danger of love bombing. Once the person who initiated it has gotten what they really sought – sex, temporary companionship, one more conquest, etc. – she disappears overnight, without giving any news or explanations. This last aspect of love bombing has several common features with ghosting.

Toxic couples: what is love bombing?

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