When a couple’s relationship is assumed, neither partner feels any shame in talking about it. After a while of being together, you no longer hesitate to show your partner to your loved ones, family and friends. Even the most discreet couples eventually end up revealing their relationship to those around them. Unfortunately, not everyone is so lucky. If some partners like to draw attention and attention to their relationship from the first date, others simply never will. If you are one of those partners that is never shown to anyone, you are a victim of stashing.

Stashing is a toxic practice that can ruin your self-confidence. You feel left out on a daily basis. You are not taking part in any important event. Have you noticed that after several weeks or months, you have never been introduced to any of his relatives? Ask yourself if your partner doesn’t want to appear with you. To avoid taking it upon yourself, it is better to talk about it openly because the situation can lead you to doubt yourself.

Stashing: your partner is protecting or manipulating you

One of the signs of stashing is that your significant other is pushing you away from their circles of friends and family. He or she will not invite you to a night out with friends or a party with his family. But the “stasher” or the author of the stashing does not allow you to show up with him on social networks either. He or she dictates your conduct in everything that directly or indirectly affects your relationship with him or her. It is a form of manipulation and domination. Up to a certain level, stashing can be seen as a means of protecting the couple. In any case, it is a suffocating and toxic behavior for the victim.

Toxic couples © Shutterstock / Antonio Guillem


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