As its name suggests, the “god complex” or “divine complex” is a more than toxic character in a relationship. This is “narcissistic personality disorder” in its purest form. “A god complex means someone has a sense of greatness and a belief that they are inherently better than others,” says psychologist Jaime Zuckerman. Here, the narcissism is pushed to its climax since the person is fundamentally convinced that he is better than everyone else.

At the beginning of a relationship, a person with a “god complex” will make you dream. “They make you feel like you were meant to be together forever and now you’ve finally found each other. This is more commonly known as love bombing,” says Jaime Zuckerman. Only, this fairy tale will quickly change once he seduces you and satisfies his ego. He will then only have objectives to control your emotions and nothing else.

This kind of person never admits their wrongs

Another sign of the “god complex” is the lack of empathy and compassion. People with this disorder tend not to listen. Besides, they will never admit that they are wrong. In other words, it is almost impossible to change this type of person. In terms of communication, you will often feel like you are up against a wall.

If it has been defined that your partner suffers from a “god complex”, psychologist Jaime Zuckerman advises you to stay away from it. This insofar as you do not wish to be broken. The only exception would be if the person is aware of their flaw and wants to work on it in order to change.

Toxic couples: these signs that show that your partner suffers from the “god complex” © Pexels


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