He is more optimistic than ever! A few weeks after declaring that the French had to prepare for a sixth epidemic wave and therefore be extremely vigilant, the Minister of Health tempered his remarks. In an interview with the Journal du Dimanche, he said: “This fifth wave will perhaps be the last. Omicron is so contagious that it will affect all populations in the world. It will lead to enhanced immunity: we will be all more armed after his visit. But to put the best possible chances on our side, we must continue to vaccinate the planet urgently, especially in countries where access to doses is more complicated. emerge the most dangerous variants. “

While many French people question the effectiveness of the vaccine, Olivier Véran recalled: “You can catch Covid-19 after receiving three doses of the vaccine, but your risk of being hospitalized is at least divided by ten compared to to an unvaccinated person or to someone who is only partially vaccinated. ” Confident, it was after ensuring that the country had the necessary doses of vaccine that the Minister of Health added: “We will receive in January 13 million doses of Pfizer and 25 million booster doses of Moderna. vaccination centers, pharmacists, town doctors and midwives, we are going to further increase our efforts with the support of firefighters, soldiers, civil security associations, first aid workers … All those who are mobilizing tirelessly to protect the French. “

Olivier Véran wants to be optimistic

During this interview, the Minister of Health said, based on British data: “He has three times less severe forms of the disease with Omicron than with Delta.” He later added: “Omicron is expected to dramatically increase the number of hospitalizations, and less sharply admissions to critical care or intensive care.” For his part, the epidemiologist, Arnaud Fontanet said in the Journal du Dimanche: “The peak in the number of cases should peak in mid-January; the hospital peak could take place a week later, with significant regional variations – l ‘Île-de-France will be the first affected. “

Olivier Véran © Eric Tschaen

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