Nothing is going well between Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott. Married since 2006, the two actors are on the verge of divorce for good. In any case, this is what one of their relatives says in the columns of Us Weekly. According to him, the former Beverly Hills star “wants a divorce, but she feels trapped right now.” Under tension, the parents of five children have even come to blows after the actor “disappeared” for several days. On the verge of breaking down, Tori Spelling would remain married only for the sake of “her children”, according to this source. But also for the money. “Money is a problem and it has always been a problem for them,” she continued, adding that this was one of the reasons the actress “feels trapped” in her union.

New revelations that fuel the rumors of separation that have surrounded the couple for weeks. On October 18, Tori Spelling was seen outside the office of a lawyer in Los Angeles holding a yellow notepad under her arm with the words “custody”, “pension” and “active” under her arm. A few days later, a source claimed that the two “have not got along and have been for a long time.” According to her, the actress simply “doesn’t trust” her husband, since he publicly admitted to having an affair in 2013. And if she doesn’t want to talk about the tensions, Dean McDermott briefly mentioned them: ” I’m not responding, you know. It’s just weird that people need to know. Why do you need to know that? “

Tori Spelling, too broke to divorce?

Earlier this year, Tori Spelling revealed that she and her husband slept in different rooms. “Right now my kids and my dogs are sleeping in my bed,” she explained, adding that Dean McDermott was sleeping “in another room”. Despite their strained relationship, they try to pick up the pieces, especially for their children. So a few days ago, they brought their toddlers for a day to Disneyland … where they didn’t let go a single smile and weren’t wearing their wedding rings. What astonish their loved ones, “surprised that a divorce did not take place years ago”: “Tori and Dean are totally stuck together at the moment. Neither of them can afford to initiate a divorce proceedings. They have five children and a ton of pets. Their house is still a disaster, it’s just a total mess. “

Tori Spelling © Backgrid USA

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