Princess Eugenie of York, 32, has shared a touching video of her baby boy. Baby August, son of Eugenie of York with Jack Brooksbank, was born on February 9, 2021. Over the past Easter weekend, 1-year-old August Brooksbank took his first steps. Much to the delight of fans of the British Royal Family, Princess Eugenie shared the video on Instagram. In photos shared by Princess Eugenie on Monday, April 18, 2022, August can be seen walking towards her. Another photo shows him walking among some daffodils.

The photos of August’s first steps join the few photos of him that his parents have shared since he was born. In almost all of these photos, you can see Prince Andrew’s grandson from behind. In the latest photos taken during the family’s last Easter weekend, we can see little August standing on his two legs. One of the photos shows the profile of toddler August. “In the second photo, the little boy is practicing his first steps between his father and his mother. The latter encourages August to join her arms with fervor,” says Elle magazine.

A carefree Easter weekend for Princess Eugenie of York and her family

This Easter weekend in the wild would have brought Princess Eugenie of York some respite. According to Elle magazine, Princess Beatrice’s sister is cited in a new case involving her father, Prince Andrew. “She would have, in fact, received a large sum of money in her bank account, coming from a man accused of having embezzled 40 million pounds”, specifies the magazine. Eugenie of York would like to get rid of this embarrassing business as soon as possible. The case dates back to the year 2019 during the organization of the birthday party of Sarah Ferguson, the mother of princesses Beatrice and Eugenie.

A “family friend” wanting to make a financial contribution towards the organization of the birthday party reportedly called Princess Eugenie of York. “I suggested that any contributions could be made directly to the caterers, but the event organization provided details of my account to which two payments were made totaling £25,000, which I then transferred to the company organizing my mother’s party,” said Princess Eugenie of York.

Princess Eugenie of York and her family © Instagram

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