Their relationship has been full of ups and downs. A year after being crowned Olympic champions in Rio, in 2016, Estelle Mossely and Tony Yoka became parents for the first time. In August 2017, the sportswoman indeed gave birth to a little boy whom they named Ali. “We were 2, we’re leaving at 3. Our little Ali was born, delivery on top, baby on top! 4kilo410, 55cm”, rejoiced the mother then. After having passed the ring on her finger, in 2018, Estelle Mossely became pregnant with her second child. But this pregnancy took place with adventures since by announcing the good news, she had revealed her break with Tony Yoka. “We wanted to bring our son Ali an additional experience in his life, that of being a big brother. Today the machine is launched and I pray that the being I have in my belly will be my 2nd greatest pride. “, wrote the sportswoman.

“Then, with good news also sometimes accompanied by its share of disappointment, I am announcing to you today my separation from Tony Yoka. This decision, for whatever reason, is a painful decision. But the woman that I can only remain faithful to his values ​​and his education”, continued Estelle Mossely. A few months, however, the Olympic champions got back together. Three months after their breakup, Tony Yoka and Estelle Mossely had decided to give themselves a second chance. And on May 7, 2020, their family grew with the arrival of their second child. “Our baby was born. On May 7, 2020 another engraved date! 3 kilos 800 no record broken lol but I wanted a little baby, here I got it haha. My little Magomed!! Congratulations to us”, rejoiced the parents. And if they seemed to have picked up the pieces, their marriage did not hold.

Tony Yoka and Estelle Mossely: why did they divorce?

Last October, Tony Yoka announced bad news to his fans. “Estelle and I have been divorced for a few months now,” revealed the Olympic boxing champion on his Instagram account. After several months of silence, he had agreed to reveal this rupture which few people expected. He continued: “It’s a page that turns. We shared great moments, forever engraved in our memories and our stories. I only wish him happiness because he is a beautiful person and a great champion. I would like to thank her for this whole period of our lives and for bringing our two beautiful children into the world.” Since then, they keep good contacts for the happiness of their children, Ali and Magomed and no longer talk about their private lives.

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