Early Edition: what happened to them?

Demain à la une, inspired by the film It happened tomorrow, is a series of 90 episodes aired between 1996 and 2000. It tells the story of Gary Hobson, who receives the newspaper the next day every day, and decides with his friends to change the course of upcoming events!

Kyle Chandler (Gary Hobson)

After the series, Kyle Chandler had a few movie roles in great productions, like King Kong and The Wolf of Wall Street. He also starred in the Friday Night Lights series. Since 2015, you can find him on Netflix, in the series Bloodline. On the private side, he married in 1995 to former model Kathryn Chandler and they had two daughters, Sydney and Sawyer. But rumors of separations appeared in 2020 in the press …

Tess Harper (Lois Hobson)

On television, Tess Harper starred as Mrs. Pinkman for three seasons in Breaking Bad. She was also spotted in Criminal Minds and Grey’s Anatomy, and she appeared in many Christmas TV movies. His private life has remained so.

Kristy Swanson (Erica Paget)

After the series, Kristy Swanson got a few small roles in the cinema, notably in Hey man, she’s where my money is, but has mostly been spotted in series (Buffy, vampire slayer, New York, criminal section, CSI: Miami , The Scott brothers). She hit the headlines in 2006 because of her affair with Canadian skater Lloyd Eisley, whom she met on the set of Skating With Celebrities, and dated when the latter was in a relationship and his wife, pregnant … ‘hui, they are parents and live together in Los Angeles with their son, Magnus.

William Devane

Obviously, William Devane feels good in the White House since he has played the President of the United States four times on television and in the cinema: the first time in the TV movie The Missiles of October, then in Stargate SG-1 and in the movie The Dark Knight Rises, and finally the last time in the 24h Chrono series. He also stood out in cinemas in Interstellar, in 2014! Otherwise, the legendary West Coast actor has been married since 1961 and has two sons. Unfortunately, the eldest child died in an accident.

Tomorrow in the spotlight: what happened to them? © CBS

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