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Tom Parker, ex-boy band member, with inoperable tumor: his heartbreaking message to his fans

Terrible news for Tom Parker. The former member of the successful group The Wanted announced on his Instagram account that he was suffering from an inoperable tumor. It is a stage 4 glioblastoma, as reported by the Daily Mail. As he is only 32 years old and expecting his second child with his wife, he shared a heartbreaking message. “Hey guys, you know we’ve both been (him and his wife Kelsey Hardwick – Editor’s note) quiet on social media for a few weeks. It’s time to tell you why. There’s no easy way to say so, but unfortunately I was diagnosed with a brain tumor. I’m already in treatment, “he wrote at first.

Even though a cure seems impossible, the treatment he has agreed to undergo could at least allow him to live longer. “We decided, after a lot of thought, that rather than hiding and trying to keep it a secret, we were going to give an interview where we would lay out all the details and get all the facts out in our own way,” he said. yet unveiled the singer of The Wanted. While he would have every reason in the world to be completely defeated, Tom Parker especially does not want the pity of his fans.

Tom Parler wants to be the spokesperson for this terrible disease

“We don’t want your sadness, we just want love and optimism. Together, we will raise awareness about this terrible disease and research all possible treatment options.” In order to fully enjoy life, the couple has so far chosen not to know the consequences of this aggressive tumor. The young parents want to keep hope and cling to the idea that a bad diagnosis has been made on the singer’s illness.

Tom Parker, his wife and their child © Instagram

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